Attic inspection for a possible roof leak at the chimney.

Roofing: How Old Tires Become Beautiful Roofs

Reduce, reuse and recycle. That message is everywhere these days and more and more enterprises are popping up that deliver on the ‘green’ idea every day. Roofing is no different, as we strive to eliminate landfill and find new ways to get things done.

The Homeowner’s Guide to Proper Roof Inspection

Fixing a severely damaged roof can cost a fortune. Rather than waiting for things to worsen before taking action, homeowners could save quite a bit of money by addressing problems early on. This requires vigilance in monitoring its condition throughout the year. Basic roof inspection doesn’t require professional help and neither does one need to get up-close with the shingles to accomplish this. Simply walk along the perimeter of the house while searching for tell-tale signs of roof decay. Don’t just look up as some of the most obvious indicators can actually be lying on the ground.

Why You Need to Protect Your Roof From Lightning!

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Make A Difference With Shingle Recycling!

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Distinguishing Between Different Roofing Materials!

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