Bad Roof Install – How has this held up?

Slate Roof Tiles – Elegant, Classic Roofing

Slate roof tiles have been popular across the ages, and with good reason. Of all the roof tiles types, this is the most beautiful and elegant roofing material. This article looks at all the reasons for which roof tiles have been popular with home owners and roofing contractors alike

Smart Home Roofing Techniques For Maximum Protection

The home roofs need to be strong enough for every weather condition. You need to make a proper roofing plan from a roofing expert before proceeding with your work.

3 Steps to a New Patio Roof

As Spring rolls around, people naturally want to spend their time enjoying the outdoors. In warmer climates like that in Central Texas, people like a bit of shade as they enjoy the outdoors. One of the most popular ways to relax outside is on your own patio. However, as the year progresses on, the intensity of the sun increases. Covering your patio with a roof can alleviate the heat of the sun, creating a cool relaxing place in your own backyard. Building a patio roof on an existing patio can be done in three main phases; rafters, plywood, and waterproofing.

Prioritizing Roof Maintenance

As a member of your association board of directors or as a property manager you make decisions every week to maintain your properties. While there may be no question that your intentions are in the best interest of the homeowners, your decisions may not always be prudent for their investment. This may be especially true if you have a habit of postponing maintenance.

How To Select Roofing Contractors and Painting Services For Your Home Improvement Needs

Any type of remodeling done to homes comes with costs. A painting project for your home is a serious endeavour so, finding a contractor that can provide painting services for your home should be taken seriously.

10 Signs of Roof Replacement

Price drives a lot of decision making in the roofing industry. The basic premise of your home being your investment means that you want to put as little money into upkeep and maintenance as possible, while earning value. One of the bigger expenses that most home owners are tasked with is whether or not they need a new roof or just a repair. Repairing of the roof only makes sense when the repair costs are drastically less than a new roof replacement. Often overlooked is the long term cost of the repairs. If a repair is done too quickly, poorly, or is done to material that cannot be repaired properly, the long term costs skyrocket because of future maintenance problems. A full roof replacement only makes sense when repairs are not an option or on new construction. In an effort to help you decide which route you should go, here are 10 signs from the National Roofing Contractors Association that you should look for when deciding whether or not you need a roof replacement.

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