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Know When To Ask For Roofing Help!

Are you concerned that it may be time to ask for help with roofing issues? Read this article for information on how to determine whether it is time for that roof to be repaired or replaced!

Commercial Roofing: The Benefits of Green Roof Systems

The green movement spawned a new kind of roofing system that combines soil, plants, and other natural elements to form a rooftop ecosystem. Popular in many areas, green commercial roofing systems (a.k.a. natural systems) are quickly becoming the preferred alternative to conventional systems that do not weather well, and saddle building owners with high roofing repair bills. If you intend to implement a green roof, below are seven reasons to move forward with your plans…

Commercial Roofing: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it time to replace the roof on your building? If so, you may have questions about roofing projects and evaluating roofing companies. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about commercial roofing and selecting the proper contractor.

Stormwater Management – What You Need to Know

What is stormwater management? Stormwater management is the practice of managing the quality and quantity of stormwater to avoid the unfavorable effects of massive stormwater or surface runoff. What is stormwater?

Roof Inspection – An Integral Part in Home Inspections

Many people take the roof over their heads for granted, that is until it starts to leak. However, if you decide to make a regular roof inspection an important part of home maintenance, serious roofing difficulties can be prevented. It is not necessary to climb onto the roof to inspect it. You can check on its condition by simply walking around your house, and looking for signs that your shingles are becoming worn or damaged, and perhaps replacing them will soon become necessary. When inspecting your roof, it is important to check the ground as well. Watch out for granules or shingles that have fallen from the roof.

Washing Your Roof to Improve It’s Appearance, Performance, and Reduce Costs

Skilled roof cleaning companies provide the expertise and experience to remove unsightly stains and improve a home’s appearance. Mold, mildew, moss, algae, and fungus have a major negative impact on a home’s appearance, structural integrity, exterior maintenance costs, and home energy usage.

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