Corten Steel Now Available “On-Demand” In Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas At Western States Metal Roofing

What Are Seamless Gutters?

Seamless gutters are the most popular gutter option for good reason. It offers efficient protection for your home’s structure against the water that threatens it each time it rains consistently. It can eliminate a lot of the worry that your old system brings.

What Is Environmentally Friendly Roofing?

Environmentalism may just be the zeitgeist of modern times. Climate change and its global effects have certainly dominated the media in the past few years, so it should come as no surprise when building trades develop increasingly environmentally friendly practices. To this end, environmentally friendly roofing is changing the way we protect our homes.

Thatching in the UK

Thatched roofing is extremely popular across all of Europe and has been for some time. But it should come as a surprise to many that there are more thatched roofs in the UK than in any other country.

Flat Roof Ponding

The trouble with flat roofs are that they are flat. Water tends to lay on surfaces longer that are not pitched. That knowledge is not anything extraordinary, however many homeowners never consider this basic law of physics.

Restore and Protect Your Home With Gutter Installation

Gutter installation is important to any home construction. Yet, their maintenance and ability to successfully carry water away from your home is its only job and a necessity for the protection of the wall, windows and rooms below the system that depend on the gutter to keep it dry.

Roofing Maintenance in Ascot

Ascot is a pretty little residential town in the South of England, with a number of prestigious period properties. Ascot’s prosperous history is visible in its Edwardian and Victorian houses with their elegant cast iron fireplaces as well as their beautiful slate roofs, which require regular maintenance. This article will help you guide how to choose the right roofing contractors for the job.

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