How To Install Peel And Stick Underlayment For A Roof. Sharkskin Ultra SA Synthetic Underlayment.

Roofing With Asphalt Shingles

Why are asphalt shingles so popular? Is it because they are easiest to install, because they last a long time or because they are the cheapest to buy? The asphalt shingle is a great addition to your home because of all of these things and more.

Roofing – What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

The roofing profession generally is not something homeowners spend a lot of time thinking about until something goes wrong. Only then does it become a matter of great importance.

Roof Cleaning Methods: Four Options for Removing Ugly Roof Stains

If you have been researching roof cleaning methods on the internet, you have likely encountered claims, counter-claims and outright confusing and conflicting information among the different camps. This article will provide clarification regarding the four main methods most widely available to consumers for removing ugly roof stains caused by algae, lichens and moss.

Roofing Should Be Done by Professionals

Highly skilled workers should always perform roofing projects. Inexperience plus high wire home improvement equals a major disaster.

What’s Important For Your Roof?

With so many roof material choices available today, choosing the right one for your home can be quite a challenge. Not only do we want our roof to be functional, but it should also be appealing to the eye. These days there are many non-traditional materials that can offer a more stylish look and longer lasting durability.

What Should an Owner Assess Before Calling a Commercial Roofing Company?

  Nothing is worse than seeing a puddle of water or stains on a ceiling because these annoyances are the telltale sign of a roofing problem. An unnoticed or neglected leak could cause severe damage to any home or business, with the cost ranging in the thousands. Seepages frequently begin as a small, hard to notice crack, but soon grow into a costly problem.

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