How to install : Self Adhere roll roofing

Green Roofing: How They Can Benefit You

As the call for more sustainable living grows even louder, more and more homeowners are switching to greener roofs. Apart from boosting our home’s energy efficiency, green roofs also helps our eco-system by way of reducing gas emissions and water runoff.

Protect the Roof Over Your Head

If you have a house, you know how important it is to keep a roof over your head. The roof does a great job of protecting us from the elements and giving us a quiet place to collect our thoughts. In addition to that, it provides outstanding insulation at all times of the year.

When a Roof Needs Maintenance

Let’s face it. When you had your roof installed, you expected it to last for twenty or even thirty years. While most roofs are guaranteed for that amount of time, there are instances in which they can become damaged.

Essential Tips On How To Properly Maintain Your Home’s Roofing

Some parts of your home are more exposed than the others, like your roof. It’s at the mercy of the elements every single day. Hence, it goes without saying that you should take proper care of it.

How to Evaluate the Proposals of Roofing Companies

When replacing the roof of your home, it may take some time and effort to come to a decision as to which roofing companies you might trust to undertake such an important job. How do you decide once you have narrowed down your choices?

Slate or Tile – Roof Material

Slate, as a roofing material, is one of the most costly roofing materials that are available on the market but at the same time, it is one of the most durable and eye-catching roofing material. Slate roof tiles are normally grey and cut out from lumps of stone but they can also be found in a variety of different colors. When comparing the prices, the price of slate usually priced at about ten times the price of asphalt shingles per square range.

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