How To Overlap Peak Trim + Cut At Gable Ends – Applies To Corrugated Metal or Standing Seam

How a Cherry Picker Helps You Maintain Roofs

It would not be anything new if I say that you are aging with each passing day, and that it is affecting you in some way or the other. You still make efforts to maintain good health so as to avert the factors that could lead to a shortened life.

Four Strange Myths About Metal Roofing Finally Put To Rest

Though it may seem counterintuitive – especially to those picturing old and rusted properties – metal roofing is actually one of the strongest and most durable options. Learn more about a few of the most prevalent myths about this type of construction.

The Big Advantages Of Metal Roofing

Is metal roofing the right choice for you? Find out when you read about the advantages of this type of roof.

Roofing Contractors: A Special Breed Of Construction Worker

Roofing contractors are a specialized branch of construction workers. Let’s look at how to become a certified roofer and the cost of replacement.

The Materials Roofers Use and Their Pros and Cons

Many professional roofers offer a wide variety of roofing material, but each material has distinct properties. Read on to find out the pros and cons of the materials provided by roofers on the market today.

Does a Loft Conversion Necessitate a Planning Permission?

Planning permission for loft conversion or extension is considered necessary for three types of loft conversion methods, where the roof space is modified considerably such as Hip to Gable, Dormer and Mansard conversion. You don’t generally require planning permission for other types of conversion.

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