how to seal a flat roof 100% ,NO LEAKS !

Roofing Fatalities

Roofing Fatalities are on the rise. Did you know that about 50 roofers are killed by falls on the job each year? Government reports suggests that inadequate fall protection is responsible for most of the fatal falls.

Protective Measures for Wind Damage

Wind damage can often be serious and cause irreversible damage on your steel building. Let this article teach you the protective measures on how you can shield your structure from this damage.

My New Roof Is Leaking – Now What?

Did you just get a new roof installed and now you find its leaking? This can be very troubling and can erode trust in a big way with your contractor.

Installing a New Roof and 5 Things You Should Make Sure Are Done Right

1. Make sure your contractor is insured! I can not stress enough how important this is. Many roofers will claim that they do not need insurance and that would only drive up their price. This is simply not true. The #1 injury while roofing according to the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) is falling on or off of a roof. If a roofer falls off your roof and the contractor was not carrying insurance you will be held reliable. Don’t try to save yourself a few hundred bucks with the shady roofing company when it can end up costing you 10s of thousands.

The Most Popular Roofing Trends in 2015

When it comes to the most popular roofing trends in 2015, the inspiration comes from nature. The industry has come to understand the importance of making use of green building materials and green technology when upgrading and repairing residential architecture.

Getting Your Roof Cleaned – Some Important Tips

Sometimes the outside appearance of our homes can be let down by ugly roof moss growing on the shaded sides of our roof shingle. Fortunately, there is a solution.

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