If the 1st roof repair doesn’t do it maybe the 2nd one will!

How Clogged Up Gutters Can Cause Your House To Go Up In Smoke

Not many homeowners think their house could catch on fire, much less what they can do to prevent such a disaster. Most house fires could’ve been prevented if the homeowners were educated on how to keep their home safe. Some fires are caused by faulty electrical or the negligence of the homeowner with extension cords or pets chewing on wires causing them to fray. A few house fires were caused by dryer vent clogging of lint that could’ve been prevented by a thorough cleaner of the vent which you can do yourself with a ten dollar long handled brush available at your local hardware store.

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Just like you would go to the doctor each year to have an annual checkup to ensure you are in good health, annual roof maintenance will be essential for the wellbeing of your home. As part of the home, regular roof repair is going to ensure that your home remains strong and it can withstand the elements over the course of the year. This includes everything from intense heat from the sun, to the moisture from snow and rain.

Why Homeowners Don’t Think About Bad Gutters Being A Hazard

Homeowners don’t think about bad gutters being a hazard to their home. They get clogged up with twigs and debris that can start a fire burning your house to the ground. The homeowner loses everything including precious memories that can not be replaced. Gutters need protection to keep this from happening among causing damage to your house such as cracked walls and a cracked foundation, mildew and mold and a sagging damp ceiling. The reason homeowners don’t think about bad gutters being a hazard is because gutters are invisible unless you climb a ladder to the roof where you can see them.

How To Know If You Need To Replace Your Guttering System

If your gutters are sagging, cracked or pulled away from the fascia board, then you need to replace your guttering system. A specialist can check your gutters for these problems and tell you if they need to be replaced. Most homeowners don’t check their gutters but some will pay a handyman to clean them out periodically. If you notice any cracks in your walls, stains from water on the ceiling, a wet basement or cracked foundation, then you definitely need new gutters. Most People don’t realize that their gutters need to be protected with gutter guards to keep them from clogging up. It filters out the debris and twigs and keeps the snow and ice from forming.

How Gutter Guards Can Save Your Home And Your Health

Buying a new or older home is a daunting task, but once everything goes through and you’re handed the keys, it’s exciting. After you’ve moved into an older Victorian Style home you make a list of remodeling jobs you want done. You see several things you want to improve to the interior and then you move outside to look at the exterior. You love the brick but you want to change the trim color. You want to add shrubbery, flowers and a fountain. You look up at the roof and you think everything looks fine except the paint on the overhang is peeling. You’ve set up a budget to have these things done, but one thing that never entered your mind was the gutters.

Why Gutter Guard Protection Is Important For A Safe Home

Cleaning your gutters once a year isn’t enough to protect them if you don’t have gutter guards. Leaves fall by the scores during the autumn season in the Eastern and Midwest climates. The leaves can fill your gutters in one day making it impossible for rain water to travel to the downspouts out to the ground away from your home. Since the water has nowhere to go, it runs down the side of your home causing leaks to your ceiling and walls and can lead to a cracked foundation costing the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs that could have been avoided.

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