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Choosing Roofing Contractors – Your Ultimate Checklist To Follow

The roof of a house is a major part of your abode since it shields you from the elements like wind, rain and harsh sunlight and protects your home and belongings from the effects of the same. Any leaks or cracks should be attended to immediately to prevent an even worse damage that would outcome. You ought to contact a roofing contractor immediately, who will make expert recommendations for repairs.

Here Are 8 Reasons To Show You Why Roofing Is Not Meant To Be A DIY Task!

Saving money has always been a key concern on peoples’ minds. However, doing things yourself is not always a good idea especially if you are not a trained expert in the particular field.

Winter Roofing Safety

As winter approaches, it is always useful to review safety precautions you may need to take with your roof and the winter elements. Over the last decade, OSHA has investigated 16 falls in which workers were working or removing snow from a roof in the snow. There are many more unreported cases in which residents or business owners fall from their roof or a ladder. All of these deaths and injuries are preventable. Many accidents occur as homeowners blow leaves from their gutters or put up Christmas lights.

Roofing Warranty Information For Home Owners

In light of the recent warranty changes in the roofing industry I thought our home owners could use a little help understanding the new warranty system. Pre 2011 we used to refer to shingles as 30, 40 or 50 year (lifetime) shingles. As of 2011 the entire roofing industry shifted to a new warranty system called limited lifetime shingles. Now all laminated asphalt shingles are covered by a limited 50 year warranty. In this article I break down exactly what your getting when you select between the 3 basic types of roofing warranties.

Selecting Roofing Materials Requires More Than Just Luck, Folks!

Every building or home has unique needs for roofing. This is one area that is not a ‘one size/ type fits all’. People love roofs in different colors,

Get Your Facts Right When It Comes To Roofing Warranties!

Repairs and reroofing projects are costly, albeit a noble investment since if done well with quality products the first time round, the roof may serve you for a lifetime. Warranties are a very important part of receiving any service since they cover you against any problems that may arise after project completion. Roofing constructors should offer warranty periods every time they carry out a project.

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