Multi layer T tab over Cedar shake

Material Estimates For Roof Repair Projects

The success of roof repair projects is dependent a lot on the materials used. This is why the professional roofing experts keep account of material estimates for roof repair and replacement projects.

Things to Consider If You Have Had Ice Dams on Your Roof

The winter months can bring scenic beauty with underlying hazards. If your home tends to get icicles then you may be a candidate for water intrusion into your home. It may not be noticeable in your living space but it can cause major damage over time if not remedied.

Selling Property? Make Sure It’s Attractive, Sturdy, And Spotless With An Expert Building Wash

Houses can be tough and withstand any kind of environment. However, even if they are strong some damages can be seen for some time, therefore people must fix it immediately and efficiently.

Do You Need a Metal or Shingle Roof?

There are several different choices that residential and commercial roofing customers have for a roof covering. This article is designed to help these people become more informed about the topics of roofing and the coverings necessary based on region. Read on and expand your knowledge of roofing as well as find the best resources for contractors and DIY advice.

Fixing That Leaky Flat Roof With A Low Sloped Roofing System

Because of ponding water a flat roof can wear much faster than steep sloped roof. Most asphalt low sloped applications require some kind of reflective UV protection to preserve the asphalt and keep it from deteriorating.

Save the Planet With Green Roofing

Before the roof is installed an engineer will calculate the weight of the soil and inspect the structure. The roof and structure must be able to withstand the weight of the soil because the soil on a green roof is very heavy.

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