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Roof Replacement or Roof Repair: Which One Does Your Building Need?

It is a decision that thousands of building owners face each year: Should they repair the roof on their building or should they replace it? In many cases, the answer is unclear. Sometimes the need for a roof replacement is obvious, such as when a storm rips away half of the roof system, but the need for a replacement can also be subtle, such as the presence of several leaks that never quite go away.

Roof Replacement for Residences: Is Your Home Ready for a New Roof?

Depending on the grade of the shingles and the effects of the climate, shingle roofs typically last between fifteen and thirty-five years. If you plan to own a home long-term, this means that you could replace its roof several times in your lifetime. Roof replacement is something that few homeowners budget for, which explains why they hope to repair a bad roof system instead of replace it.

New Roof: Choosing the Right Installer for Your Home

The prospect of installing a new roof causes most homeowners to worry about two things: the cost of the installation, and the reputation of the company that performs the work. As homeowners discover when they open up the phone book or surf the web to find a roofing contractor, there is no shortage of firms wanting your business. Finding a residential roofing company that has superb credentials, however, requires some work on your part.

Pitch Gauge: A Great App With A Simple Concept

Technology is making life much easier and is impacting every industry. Pitch Gauge is an app which enables users to find roof pitch from the ground. It helps to save time and promote work place safety by decreasing the amount of time spent on the roof.

Put a Roof Over Your Head: Install a New Shingle, Tile, or Metal Roof to Protect Your Family’s Home

We are all grateful to have a roof over our heads, but sometimes, that roof needs some help. If yours has sprung a leak, or is getting shabby and needs replacement, now is the time to think about your options, and get your questions answered.

Two Popular Types of Commercial Flat Roof Installations

Flat roofs are common in commercial construction. This article discusses the benefits and downsides to the two most popular types, BUR and Single Ply.

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