Roof damage? Don’t throw your money away!

Safe Asbestos Removal – A Dangerous Job

Asbestos which is an important mineral is widely used for roofing, insulation, acoustic ceiling, flooring etc. Asbestos products were commonly used for both commercial and residential construction purpose till the late 70s. This mineral which has a great tensile strength is highly heat resistant as well.

Cold Weather Roof Maintenance

Once winter gets here, cold weather roof maintenance is essential, to save on potentially costly problems and repairs. The following tips will help you to make sure your roof is secure and safe: Inspecting Your Roof Inspecting your roof just before the cold weather arrives is a good idea, and as the shingles are the most important defense against damage, firstly check these for cracks or breakages. Check your chimneys, flashing and other vents and fixtures and also scrape off any accumulated debris or algae; this can damage roof shingles.

Safety Tips That Will Help Make Your Roof Repair Projects Safer and Easier

Are you planning to tackle your own roof repair projects on your own? You can greatly minimize the potential hazards by following some basic safety principles. Take a look at the tips below to minimize your risk.

Winter and Roofs: What to Look for After the Storm

This article helps to educate the homeowner on how they can identify Winter roof issues before they cause significant damage. Hopefully the homeowner will come away with the understanding that a roof needs to checked for missing tiles and damage, especially after major weather events. Regular maintenance can increase the life of a roof and prevent internal leaks. Snow and Ice can block drainage systems causing internal leaks.

Roofing Contractors: Criteria For Selecting A Good One

Need a new roof for your home or business? Before researching roofing contractors for hire, review these good general guidelines and use as a guide. Asking the right questions and gathering data on roofing companies is important to the project’s success.

How To Find A Good Commercial Roofing Contractor

When looking for a roofer you want to exercise caution because some roofing companies bidding on projects will say they are installing a 15 year material when they only deliver a 10 or 12 year product. Being proactive before awarding the bid is one thing, but you will also want to check materials as they arrive. Every manufacturer wants the roofer installing their product to be properly licensed, but not all are. Check to see if they have proper licensing, which tells you that their work is inspected on a regular basis, and the manufacturer validates they are able to carry out the detail work to their specifications.

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