Roof Decking & H Clips

The Importance of Green Roofs for Development

This article provides information about green roofs. It also discusses the implications involved with BREEAM when using green roofs.

All About the Roofing Shingles

Replacing the roof, requires a proper plan strategy and research. But in case it is urgent and you have a very limited amount of time in your hand, follow the steps to get better results without much ado.

What Mistakes to Avoid When Painting a Metal Roof

Roofs are usually made of metal, and it is important that they are treated differently from that of wooden cabinets and other non-metal surfaces. The painting techniques and the paint itself are usually different to roofs from that of other surfaces.

Choose the Most Appropriate Gutter Topper Material for Your House

There are various materials used for making gutter toppers. You must know the pros and cons of each material to decide on the one that’s most suitable for your house. Your home is one of your most valuable possessions that you need to protect under all circumstances.

A Cool Roof Makes for a Cool Home

Homeowners usually look for innovative home cooling methods to keep their dwellings comfortable, while shaving a few dollars off their monthly electricity bill. This is especially true amid the summer months in scorching hot states like Utah and Arizona. While it occurs to most people that they can turn off their air conditioners when they run errands or go on vacation, or employ fans that use less energy when the heat becomes bearable, scientific roofing technology can be a viable solution to keep you from sweltering during the summer.

How To Guide On Roof Repair

When should you call a professional when deciding repairing your roof? What safety precautions MUST be taken when deciding on fixing your roof yourself instead of calling a roofer? What should I look out for when repairing the tiles and/or shingles on the roof? Could a leaking roof be caused by something other than damage to tiles or shingles? Are there any best practices in fixing the roof myself? Should I repair the roof in just any weather or are there any factors that I should look for when climbing the ladder and getting on top of the house?

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