Roof leak at B vent pipe flashing – Bad roof install

5 Tips On Choosing A Good Roofing Contractor

Replacing your existing roof with a new one can cost thousands. Choosing the right contractor to perform the job is crucial to the outcome of the project. Follow the recommendations in this article to insure a quality installation of your new roof.

How to Choose the Roof Shingles Color?

The color of your roof determines the first look of your home. It is important to choose the colors of your home with caution. After all your roof is to last as long as your home and you do not want a mismatched color.

The Pros and Cons of Using Quick Fix Roof Repair Products

There are many roof repair products readily available for DIY use. However, many home owners panic at the signs of a leak and apply these products in haste, not taking the time consider the long term implications on the general condition of the roof. Here are the main considerations to make when deciding on a course of action to repair your roof.

Consumer Update: Do Permanent or Lifetime Roofing Products Really Exist?

Perhaps the most-used buzzword in the roofing industry today is “lifetime;” as in, “lifetime roof.” It’s not always easy to know what marketing terms like these mean. Does the promise of a lifetime or permanent roof really exist, or is it just marketing hype.

Why Should You Go For Professional Roofing Restoration Services

Whether you have a flat roof or a slate roof, as far as its restoration and maintenance is concerned professional roofing contractors could really make your work simple and take away all the stress and headache. By opting for the right professional roofing services you will surely be able to get your roof back in good condition. It is of utmost importance to hire the right company for the job that takes away all the hassle while saving your precious time and money.

How to Get Rubber Roof on Your Shingles

Installing rubber roof shingles can be a difficult job, if you do not know exactly how it is to be done. A new rubber roof shingle can be installed by anyone only if you know how to do it. The steps are actually quite simple in a tactical kind of a way.

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