Roofing Quick tip Tuesday ladder standoff

Anchor Points Vs Ladder Brackets

There is a wide variety of fall protection systems on the market. This article will help you choose the one that is right for you.

Find Roof Replacement Costs – Getting The Numbers Right

To find roof replacement cost accurately is as important as choosing right type of roofing material for your roof. Overshooting budget widely is not an option is these difficult financial times. People are struggling to meet ends and not having enough to put up a decent roof on their heads is indeed a major issue.

Roofing Materials: Roofing Contractors Explain The Options

Roofing contractors can introduce you to a variety of roofing options. Be sure you understand the pros and cons of each material before buying so that you’ll be happy with the appearance and value of your new roof.

Roof Gardens: Green and Brown Roofs – The Differences and Benefits

A brief explanation of roof gardens, including green and brown roofs. I will also discuss the benefits and uses for each.

Roof Shingles Calculator – Calculating The Shingles For A New Roof

A roof shingles calculator makes the job of estimating shingles needed for a new roof fairly easy and simple. You key in a few details in to the tool and your are given details about bundles of shingles needed. Some tools also give estimates for other raw materials needed to lay the roof like nails, underlay materials like felt, roofing cement and so on.

Home Roofing Options

Whether you’re attempting to renovate a neglected roof or looking for a full roof replacement, there is a wide-range of options available. Concrete and slate tiles are common, while you also have the choice of thatch, as well as some of the latest eco-friendly roofing styles.

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